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Access Statement

COVID-19 Information


Your property will have been specifically prepared for your arrival in accordance with Government legislation.

In order to help protect your health, that of our cleaners and ourselves, we have been required to make alterations to our normal practice and we want to work in partnership with you to keep all parties safe.

If you are experiencing any symptoms prior to your holiday you must NOT visit. If you experience any symptoms whilst on holiday please inform us immediately, as you will have travelled to Rivermead Farm by car you will need to return to your own home to self isolate. If, for some reason, it is impossible to return home, Visit Cornwall and PASCuk have been informed by the Government that you have to pay for all affected bookings and the cost of your on-going stay.

If you want to carry out any activity please visit Visit Cornwall’s site and click on the Beyonk link, it will show places that are open and allow you to prebook. This is highly recommended as spaces are going to be limited to ensure social distancing is possible. It is also a good idea to book your favourite pub or restaurant if you want to eat, again spaces will be limited.


As with the majority of people we are socially distancing whenever out, in order to try and prevent catching, or spreading, the virus.

Our cleaners and ourselves are fully aware of the importance of frequently washing our hands but we will also wear PPE when in each property and new PPE will be worn when entering another property.

Following advice we will be restricting our normal contact with guests. Please go directly to your property, the keys will be in the door and will have been sanitised. One of the owners will call round to check everything is in order and answer any questions, but will not enter the property.

Our cleaners are required to confirm they are not experiencing any symptoms during the week and again on arrival on a Saturday morning.

Our cleaners will have been supplied with PPE, ie face visors, disposable aprons, gloves and face masks. Aprons and gloves will be disposed of before entering another property. The owners will also wear PPE when entering a property and will dispose of it before entering another property.

We will be operating a 2 stage cleaning process. All hard surfaces will have been cleaned with hot soapy water then sprayed with a specific antiviral, that eradicates enveloped viruses and conforms to EN14476:2013+A2:2019, prior to your arrival. All touch points will have been treated with the antiviral chemical.

All furnishings will have been steam cleaned during Saturday changeovers, bed cushions and bed throws will have been removed during Covid-19.

All linens will be sent to a commercial laundry where they will be washed at 60degs or above. All fresh linens will be returned by the laundry in a clean linen bag and the freshly laundered items will then be stored in our sanitised linen store to ensure items are not recontaminated.

We have removed ornaments, silk flower arrangements and the visitor books which could harbour the virus and would be difficult to sanitise.

Hairdryers will still be available in properties and will have be wiped with antiviral chemical.

Crockery, cutlery and utensils will have been cleaned in a dishwasher. Equipment will have been wiped with the antiviral chemical.

Both hot and cold water systems have been flushed through following so many months of closure. Shower heads have been disinfected.

Lovely ‘welcome hampers’ will be provided, without the wicker hamper and items will be restricted to only commercially packaged items that will have been wiped with antiviral.

No loose tourist information leaflets are allowed to be provided by us however there will be a new unopened tourist information pack in your property for your use.

We are keeping the laundry room open for guest use, but only providing guests follow our rules – sanitise hands at the entrance with sanitiser provided. Spray the equipment with antiviral spray provided and dry off with the white centre fold paper. Once finished spray equipment again and dry off with the paper. The laundry room will also be cleaned and checked on changeover. If guests are not comfortable with this arrangement, the nearest commercial laundry is Old Station Laundry in Bodmin PL31 2NR Tel 01208 73772

Our outdoor and indoor games and books will sadly not be available during Covid-19 as they would be impossible to sanitise. Please bring your own boules, golf clubs or other indoor/outdoor games and reading matter to ensure you still get the very best from your holiday.

Where possible, should it be necessary for a tradesman to visit to carry out a repair we will arrange the visit after speaking with you so that we can attempt to arrange the repair when you were planning to be out. If this is not possible we would ask that you sit outside, in your car or in the room furthest away from the tradesman. On completion of the job the tradesman will spray all surfaces he has touched with the antiviral spray.

Due to additional cleaning required for us to meet the requirements within the time constraints we need your help so,


Our arrival time is still 4pm but we do hope you will bear with us and be patient in the event that your property is not ready, there are certain factors that are out with our control ie guests that departed in the morning not carrying out the tasks requested with the knock-on to our cleaning schedule and possible notification of Covid-19 by a member of our cleaning team. Please rest assured we will do all we can to minimise this occurring.

Our departure time is by 10am, please do adhere to the time.

Please go straight to your property, a site plan will be sent to you with these procedures just prior to your arrival, we would be grateful if you did not call at our house.

There is a guest information folder in each property which will have been sanitised, this gives a variety of information to help you familiarise yourself with Rivermead Farm and further afield but one of the Owners will also call round to the property to check everything is ok and answer any questions you may have, we will not enter the property.

We do want you to enjoy your holiday so please feel free to call us on 07774224962 if you there is something we can help you with, to report a fault or something is concerning you. We know this is not our normal practice but hope you can bear with us on this, we do enjoy contact with our guests but have been currently asked to minimise face to face contact.

Please strip your beds and place in the black bag found in the wardrobe and leave outside your property when you vacate the property. Please leave all protectors still in place as we will be steaming these items.

For your own safety ventilate the property as much as possible but please switch off the heating if the windows are open. We will have all windows open, where possible, on a Saturday.

Please remove all your rubbish, in bags, and place in the red eurobin at the bin store, please do not use other bins, there is currently no recycling.

Please do not leave any unwanted food.

Please leave the property in a tidy condition and with windows open.

Please clean the BBQ if you have used it during your stay.

If you are a smoker please empty the ashtray, that is outside your property on the bench set, into your black waste bag.

We are sure you can understand that the new practices will be very time consuming and we want to ensure the properties are ready for guest arrival, so if we have to spend additional time cleaning, because guests have not carried out our requests, we reserve the right to charge further monies for cleaning in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

When out and about PLEASE socially distance, Cornwall is at high risk as there is only one hospital, the Cornish are very concerned about visitors in case the hospital cannot cope should there be a local outbreak but they do want you to visit and enjoy your holiday so please stick to the Government rules.

PLEASE keep washing hands frequently, it really is very important, however we have also provided a specific hand sanitiser for your use should you be out and about with no access to a washroom.

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